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The most flexible and comprehensive business solutions for your gaming sites

The global industry for casinos and gaming has been booming tremedously in the last two decades, and obviously European is dominant markets for so-called "legalised online gambling" businesses. However, the boat has shipped. Yes! It has moved.

Since early 2008, the center of the casinos and gaming has progressively shifted from Las Vegas and Atlantic City to Macau in China. This shift of the industry’s activities to Asia is estimated to double or even triple current pace in the next 5 years. From the U.S, U.K, France, Netherlands... online gambling providers are now thristy for Asia Pacific region market share, thanks for its huge & potential profits and definitely "flash" speed ROI. And YOU, are still wondering whether to start with one? Why wait when the wheel is rolling?

What are essential factors for your online business experience?

Reliable Gaming Software Providers?

Surely we do support, G8Gaming's top notch providers with more than 10 years experience, with varieties from Western to Asian based for your choices:

Sportsbook betting: WinningFT, Oneworks, SBTech  |
Live Dealer Casino: Gameplay, Allbet, Playtech, Opus  |
Slots/Casino Games: GamingSoft, Gameplay, Playtech, Opus

You already own an online website? No problem, you can subscribe for our API only service, take your time to evaluate and grab few (or even all) of above providers. You are most welcome!

Work on your website’s design?

No worries, G8Gaming's professional design team is always available at your service. We do understand that attractive design and user friendly are utmost significant to any online business.
Therefore, we offer flexible and customizable templates to your needs, with support from pre-launch, testing phase to post-launch through lifetime maintenance service.

Comprehensive back end system?

Amateur in "technology" world? Just sit back and relax, G8Gaming's admin system is designed with simple, neat and clear structure flow for your business operation. It is just "a piece of cake" for business briliant as you are. Not only do we assist you on managing your players, keeping tracks on sales reports, updating your front end content, we also support you on implementing a sound marketing strategy including loyalty or retention programs through promotion management module.
Still afraid of not understanding how the system works? Well, don't be, we got it covered. G8Gaming's B2B Support Team will be your guide 24/7 in each single step of your development.

A timely-tested platform before launching?

Yes, we certainly do. Testing website operation flow is the first and foremost integral procedure in our service. With thorough and experienced testing experts, G8Gaming promises to only deliver the best solutions for your future.

Post-launch service?

Absolutely, your well-growing business is G8Gaming's core and spines. Your happiness is G8Gaming's concern at heart. Our 24/7 Support Team will be full time available at your service.
At G8Gaming, we promise to accompany you in your journey from customer knowledge to business wise strategies.